Heal the healer and the healer will heal the world.
~Rama Thiruvengadam, MD

Physician Heal Thyself Retreats was founded by a physician for physicians
to experience their own healing and personal transformation.

Physician Heal Thyself Retreats was designed by a physician who understands the current experience of many physicians. Today, doctors face enormous pressures, starting with medical school, and often have to make personal sacrifices for the sake of taking care of others. Over the years, the pressures of training, of medical school debt, and of practicing medicine in today’s managed care environment, can take a toll and leave physicians feeling disempowered, disheartened, dissatisfied, burnt-out, or sometimes feeling like getting out of the practice of medicine altogether. The stress of seeing patients quickly and with constant monitoring by insurance companies can diminish the heart and soul of medicine, leaving doctors to be patient care managers and servants of paperwork instead of truly being present and healing with their patients.

Doctors, busy taking care of others, often neglect their own health and well-being. Rarely does a doctor take time out for him- or herself to reflect on their life, to heal any wounds from the rigors of training and of practicing medicine, or to look at the big picture and see what their life has become. Even rarer is taking time out to consciously take charge of creating their lives as they truly want it to be, in all areas, personal, professional, and family. For all these reasons and more, Physician Heal Thyself Retreats was created.

A funny thing happened on the way to the Retreats…

A note from the founder:

Although Physician Heal Thyself Retreats was founded in 2006, my own private practice demands increased shortly thereafter. I realized I couldn’t lose my own balance in order to offer healing retreats for other physicians. So, until now, the Retreats had to be put on the back burner. Like you, I have to make efforts to keep balance in my life. I know how challenging it can be to maintain balance while practicing medicine. It is with that humble recognition, and having made changes to my own practice, that I now offer healing retreats for physicians.

Although the original intention for Physician Heal Thyself Retreats was to offer retreats, the services offered have expanded to include webinars, individual coaching and retreats, and group retreats.

Our Intention:

For our unique group retreats that take place in the transformational healing environment of the Big Island of Hawaii, our intention is that by participating in a Physician Heal Thyself Retreat, physicians will:

  • Experience tangible healing that will allow for physical, emotional, and mental well-being.
  • Experience personal transformation that will continue to unfold after the retreat.
  • Practice using tools that will support them to lead a more balanced life.
  • Identify the intention for their lives and then practice making choices that are aligned with that intention.
  • Empower and support each other to practice medicine in ways that are fulfilling and true to themselves.
Why attend a Physician Heal Thyself Retreat?

Benefits of our Big Island Retreats:

  • Experience restoration and rejuvenation in the naturally healing environment of the Big Island.
  • Soothe your senses, calm your mind, tend to your soul…
    Immerse yourself in the healing, rejuvenating crystal clear blue waters…
    Bathe in the warm sun…
    Be caressed by cool ocean breezes…
    Listen to the sound of the rolling waves…
  • Experience physicians empowering physicians in a safe, nurturing environment.
  • Explore how to make your practice of medicine more fulfilling.
  • Envision and begin to create the life you truly want.
  • Family, patients, and colleagues will also reap the benefits of your personal healing retreat.
Who Should Attend?

Physicians interested in:

  • healing themselves so that they can offer more to their patients, colleagues, and loved ones.
  • transforming themselves, their lives, and their practice of medicine in a way that can recover the soul of medicine.
  • empowering themselves and other physicians to create a strong and influential ripple effect that allows for beneficial change in the delivery of medical care.
  • creating greater balance in their lives in order to fulfill the intention for their lives.
  • experiencing greater joy, inner peace, and contentment.
  • Currently MDs and DOs are welcome to participate in a Physician Heal Thyself Retreat.
    (In the future, retreats might include other types of physicians.)


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