A Simple Self-Care Tip to Optimize Your Brain Function

Here’s a quick, easy, healthy and tasty way to drink more water, stay hydrated, and optimize your brain function: 

How many doctors, rushing between patients, phone calls, and paperwork, go through the day being dehydrated?  We know hydration is crucial for optimal brain function and, of course, for all of our organs.  Even mild dehydration can cause you to feel tired, sluggish, have more difficulty thinking and making decisions.

And how many people drink sodas or flavored drinks with lots of sugar, even when they know it’s not so healthy, because they want something with taste?  If you’re like me, you have patients who just cannot drink enough water or who live on diet coke.  So here’s a simple tip that I hope will help you, and your patients, to drink more water, stay hydrated, and optimize your brain function and overall well-being.

I live in the tropics and am mindful about staying hydrated but even so I can still get dehydrated, especially while working.  And, even though I love drinking water, sometimes I just want something with more taste.  I found an easy way to drink lemonade that’s healthy, quick and tasty.  The tasty part makes me drink it right down, very quickly, and so it’s a fast way to drink a lot of water, even between patients.  The fact that it’s healthy makes it even better.

And, believe me it’s easy!   I’m no Martha Stewart so if I can do it, you can too!

Super easy instant healthy lemonade:

What you’ll need:

  • ice cube trays (…well you might need to go buy some ice trays…but after that, it’s super easy!)
  • lemons – organic if you have
  • agave nectar –or easy-to-use low-glycemic sweetener of your choice – I like agave for it’s low glycemic index but it’s still sugar so use any sweetener sparingly
  • ziplock bag – or other freezer safe container
  • optional – BPA-free reusable straws (inexpensive and available at Amazon); I like to use a straw to stir and drink  because it’s easy and I drink it faster that way.

Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Squeeze as many lemons as you have and pour the juice into ice trays.  (I use a levered hand press because I like the exercise but any way you can get the juice works.)
  2. Put the finished ice cubes into a large zip lock bag and take it to work.
  3. Then,  whenever you want to drink something other than water, just take a large glass/bottle of water, pop in your lemon cube, squirt in some agave nectar (or whatever healthy sweetener you like), stir/shake  and drink up.   Instant hydration and tasty too!

As I said, I’m no Martha Stewart so I get a lot of lemons and make as many cubes as I can in one batch.   That way, you may only need to make ice cubes every couple of months or so, depending on how much you drink.

Variations:  other types of store bought juice, could use organic juices or maybe even frozen organic fruit that you could blend with water and make ice cubes.  With other fruit juices, you may not need to add a sweetener.  And how about combos like lemon and strawberry… or add a lemon cube or other fruit juice cube to your ice tea…use your imagination and enjoy staying hydrated.  Your brain and body will thank you!

Here’s a bonus non-allopathic tip you might not know:  In Ayurvedic medicine it’s suggested to drink liquids at room temperature.  If you don’t add ice, it will go down quickly, hydrating you without squelching your digestive fire –the key to health according to Ayurveda.  You might want to give it a try to see how you feel.

Please comment below on your experience and what variations you might have come up with.  Or please share what you found if you tried the Ayurvedic tip…

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